Stickerbear's Story

How Stickerbear Began

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, StickerBear started with one simple mission - to craft impressive print and packaging. StickerBear roots extend all the way to 40 years ago, where our founder was forced to quit school at the age of 13 years old due to poverty. He bought a one way bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur and started working multiple jobs to earn a living. His years at Kuala Lumpur allowed him to expose into the printing and packaging industry. He learned to operate the printing machine and soon the sales operation. During the day time, he went out to recruit business; At night, he operated the machine to fulfil jobs. However, no matter how hard he worked, he still failed to make ends meet, which caused him to have difficulty to support his family. The year of 1997 marks a remarkable moment for our founder. He bought the first printing machine and started a printing business himself.

Story Continues

Fast forward to 2017, our founder ventured into StickerBear - an online printing platform. At StickerBear, we aim to craft impressive print and packaging for local made products. The complexity of print and packaging serves as a hinder for many products to carry forward with distinctive packaging. This is where StickerBear want to take place, to make printing and packaging solution easy and accessible for everyone who has a product, whether you are homemade, startup, factory made, etc.







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Vision And Mission

StickerBear is committed to producing high quality print and packaging based on our expertise in the industry while keeping pace with the current trends. We work with global leading material manufacturer in using quality materials that comply to international standard. You are welcome to inquire any technical specs from us.

At StickerBear, we truly believe in the transformative power of design and packaging and their ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. Good packaging and good relationships come from collaboration. We're excited to start a conversation, learn about you, and make awesome print and packaging together

Why Stickerbear?

Quality materials

Mirrorcoat, Similli, Transparent or Clear film, your pick! The materials are sourced from our trusted source.

Free artwork setup

Providing artwork revision and print after your approval. Everyone's happy!

Quality colours

Stickers or Labels become lively with amazing colors! Printing quality colors have always been our top priority.


Do you need recommendation with your design or suggestion on material? We'll explain to you.

StickerBear | Printing Stickers & Labels | Fast & Easy

What Our Customers Say

  • Stunning results

    Sticker Bear is great! Ordered a shipment of stickers to market our company at conferences and was very happy with everything. Great customer service, fast and affordable, and excellent design and product. Very happy customer!

    Nia Harrion
  • Delivered with flying colors

    Can't recommend these guys more highly. I was looking to make stickers for an event for our business. These guys not only had the competitive prices, but they also reviewed your artwork to make sure there were no mistakes.

    Lauren Wong
  • Customer-centric solution

    Absolutely thrilled with my stickers! They were prompt to answer all of my questions and concerns, and got my order to my home in record-time-even during the crazy holiday season! The quality is extremely durable and lasting.

    Tim Liew
  • Extra love

    Excellent sales service and product output. Despite all, I was given extra pieces, would definitely recommend this seller!

    Yvonne L.