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Our custom labels comes in roll form. Most often used for product label that consist relevant information. It tend to be use in production basis with the assistance of auto labeling machine. It is easy to store and handle for a big volume of labels. Made from premium material with the option of finishing, they capture your attention to purchasing the product.




Return Customers


Addam Wan
I own a beverage business and use auto labeling machine to stick the label on the juice. Their label ordering steps allow me to customize the core and direction my label needs to fit in my auto labeling machine. I really appreciate it because before this, I always get the direction wrong.
Website is looking wonderful with nice designs and easy to navigate. As a designer myself, I don't have to deal with offline printing company. They serve me well and have the product deliver to my doorstep. I can focus doing other tasks.
Sabrina Kho
These look great!
Andrea Zanella
helpful and fast, very good, i will keep them for my next project