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How do I indicate a cut line in my artwork?

We'll automatically create a cut line for you and show how we intend to cut your stickers by providing an online proof. You can request changes to your proof until it looks exactly how you want. If you'd like to indicate the cut line yourself, we recommend using a vector based stroke. It's helpful if you do this but not required.

Can I request a change after I approve my proof?

No, changes cannot be made after proof approval. Review your proof carefully before approving it. Once it's approved, we automatically add your order to our production queue and aim to ship it as fast as possible.

What if my artwork is low resolution?

We will show you a proof before printing your order. You can request changes to your proof and we will make them for free until you're happy. We aim to prepare your proof within 24 hours of receiving your order, but low quality artwork may cause delays as our designers will try adjusting it before preparing your proof. If your artwork is especially complex and also low resolution, we may not be able to redraw it and will contact you to request a higher quality version.

What kind of changes can I request to my proof?

StickerBear allows you to request unlimited changes to your artwork and online proof for free before you approve your proof. Although we cannot design your artwork from scratch, we can make changes to existing artwork so that you get the exact sticker you want. After you receive an email or text with a link to view your proof, you can leave a comment requesting changes. Although we receive hundreds of unique change requests, the most common requests are to:

Add or remove a minimum border.
Make a border wider or narrower.
Add text (let us know your preferred font, size, and color).
Change the sticker type (i.e. from die cut stickers to clear stickers).
Change the background color.
Change to the size.
Wrong artwork attached/Upload new artwork.
How long do I have to approve my proof?

Your delivery date is dependent on your proof being approved within 24 hours of when we send it. If you approve your proof after 24 hours then your delivery date will move forward the corresponding number of days. After all proofs are approved for your order we will email your estimated delivery date.

Is it possible to update artwork I just submitted?

Yes, you can update artwork when you receive your first proof, you can email us your order number and latest artwork at

How do I cancel a proof?

You are able to make unlimited changes upon confirming your proof. Once all proofs are approved it is not possible to cancel the proof or the order. Since reorders skip proofing and go straight to production they also cannot be canceled.

What file formats do you accept?

We accept Adobe illustrator (.ai) , Adobe photoshop (.psd) and Portable Document Format (.pdf). For photo stickers, we accept Jpeg (.jpg). Send us your artwork and we'll provide an online proof within 24 hours. You can request changes to your proof and we will make them for free until you're happy. While we accept all standard artwork formats, we recommend uploading vector artwork when possible. Otherwise we recommend that your artwork be at least 300 pixels per inch.

How do I email you my artwork later? Large file size?

You can send file up to 2GB using those storage media via WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or email to Please specify your order number in the messaging.

Can you print RGB colors?

No, we can only print CMYK colors and some Pantone colors. When artwork is submitted in RGB, the colors are converted to their closest available matches in CMYK before going to print. If you let us know your desired CMYK values when ordering it will make it easier for us to print your desired colors. Otherwise we will use our judgement to decide the closest equivalents. Since RGB has a larger range of colors than CMYK, some RGB colors are currently difficult or impossible to match exactly.

Can you print Pantone colors?

We convert Pantone colors to their CMYK equivalent values for printing. If you'd like to specify your own CMYK values, please include that in your artwork instructions when ordering.

To view CMYK colors and its values, please refer here.


Are you able to print white ink on clear labels?

Our clear labels are printed with white ink behind your design to preserve opacity. It's also possible to print your design with white ink only. However, keep in mind that your stickers may be slightly translucent when applied to a dark surface.

To order clear stickers with white ink only just upload your design in white with a transparent background, or specify this in your artwork instructions.

Can you split rolls into custom quantities?

Currently, we cannot. Our software automatically delegates quantities for maximum efficiency based on what is in our queue. If you are using auto labeling machine, please indicate the maximum width allowance for your machine.

Stickers vs labels - what's the difference?

Stickers comes in sheet form and are most often used for promotion and handed out individually or included within packaging. Stickers are most preferred when it’s handled manually (stick using hands).

Labels comes in roll form and tend to be used in production (on packaging, bottles, etc) because they are faster to peel. Labels are most preferred when it’s handled by auto labeling machine.

Both stickers and labels are printed by the same material. The choice between stickers or labels depends largely on how you intend to use them.

How will you package my stickers?

For stickers - we will put in an envelope to avoid bending during shipping.

For labels - we will shrink wrap the roll to protect them from denting during shipping.

What type of printing do you do?

Digital toner based printing. With digital printing, we have many paper options, short runs, and fast turnaround times.

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Why can't I make changes after approval??

After approval your order is automatically sent to our print queue and begins production. Since fast turnaround is a priority for most customers, we aggressively automated our manufacturing process so that we can begin printing your order within minutes.

Do you have a "die" or "tooling" charge?

No, we do not have a die charge, tooling charge or any other extra charges. The prices you see on our website include all costs.

If I send in a physical sticker can you match it?

We would not be able to match the existing colors without a digital file. With a digital file, you could mail us your physical sticker by contacting us. However, the physical sticker will only serve as reference basis. We cannot reproduce a design 100% based on the physical sticker.

Do you provide special pricing for agents?

We set our pricing to be rock bottom so that all customers can enjoy the same low pricing. If you compare us to other sticker vendors that specialize in supporting wholesalers, you will find our standard pricing is already competitive. As a result, it's common for wholesalers to use us as their backend even though we do not provide them with special discounts beyond what is listed on our website.

Can I see a proof before ordering?

All orders receive a free online proof within 24 hours of checkout. Changes will be made to your proof for free until you're happy.

Can I modify my quantity during proofing?

Yes, please contact us to modify your order.

How do I cancel my order?

Order cancellation is possible before receiving proof. Please contact us to cancel your order.

Once the first draft of online proof was posted, it is not possible to cancel. Since reorders skip proofing and go straight to production they also cannot be canceled. Please note that your order will automatically cancel if it's awaiting proof approval for more than 14 days.

What do you mean by satisfaction guarantee?

If there's a quality problem with your order we will replace any defective units for free.

What if I receive the incorrect quantity?

We aim to be within 5 percent of your requested order amount. It's more likely there will be extra units in your shipment. But, if your order is short, we will rush a reprint of the missing units or credit you for the value of the missing units.

Can I return my stickers if I do not like them?

If there is a problem with your order, please contact us and attach a photograph that indicates the problem and we will address it accordingly. Quality issues are rare, but they happen on occasionally and we strive to address them as fast as possible.

Since every order is 100% custom, we do not allow returns for reasons unrelated to quality. For example, we cannot refund or reprint your order if you decide you do not want your order, ordered the wrong size or would prefer a different product.

Can you expedite my order?

We are able to commit rush order. Kindly email us at to inform your urgency.

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Payment & Delivery

Can I get payment terms?

No, we only support instant payment via FPX, Credit Cards and Boost upon proof approval.

When will my order arrive?

Your order will arrive within 4 to 6 working days provided you approved your proof within the same working day it posted. If there is a delay in the proof approval process your delivery date will be pushed forward a corresponding number of days. For example, if there is a 2 days delay in the proof approval process then your delivery date will move forward 2 business days. For urgent request, please contact us to inform.

Please take into consideration of shipment delay upon receiving your order. Third party courier may encounter peak demands that slows down delivery.

Do you allow split shipments?

We don't support splitting one order into multiple shipments going to separate addresses. Currently, we require one order per shipping address.

What if my stickers are delivered late?

You're entitled to a discount for your next order if we deliver your order beyond the promised date. However, shipment delay shall not be accounted if we have posted the item according to promised date. Please contact us so we can help.

Can you deliver my order on an exact date?

No, since we aim to ship every order as fast as possible it's common for orders to arrive sooner than expected. We are not able to hold an order to ship on a specific date for delivery on an exact date.

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